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Re: Peerages (was Earl D)

Good morning to the gathered masses at Cheapside!

I too have been avoiding this thread, but every once in a greatcwhile, I must 
de-lurk and hold forth.
>Second.  If a candidate actually behaves like a peer; dresses spiff, 
>expresses opinions, builds a household, and particularly,  teaches, then 
>he or she is as often as not accused of putting on airs.  However, 
>aren't these important qualities and activities we expect of our peers?  
>And if one wants to be recognized as acting like a peer, isn't it 
>hypocritical of the establishment to bash such behavior?
     I beg to differ.  I concur with Henry in that I do not recall having 
     seen the 'bashing' you describe.  [I *have* seen people bashed for 
     putting on airs, but they were not usually behaving like a peer - they 
     were putting on airs for other reasons].  Perhaps you have been seeing 
     things from a different angle?
>Third.  There have been obvious casescof severe burn-out of candidates 
>who've tried to maintain Peer-Quality while lacking the privledgescof a 
     Privileges?  Hm.  I guess there are privileges.  I get to ferretcout 
     worthwhile candidates for awards (which I've been doing since long 
     before I was a Peer).  I get to serve the crown and kingdom to the 
     bestcof my ability (ditto).  I get to teach my crafts to those who 
     are interested in learning them (ditto again).  I get to try to 
     improve people's experience of Atlantia and the Society (ditto 
     again).  To be a peer is a greatchonor, but I'm not sure the 
     'rewards' are what you think they are.
     And more importantly, why should those privileges (whether they 
     exist or not),affect one's ability to maintain peer-quality?  
     Certes, my peer quality slips from time to time.  It does regularly, 
     and did before I was a peer.  Perhaps that affected theclength of 
     time it took me to be recognized as a peer.  But I can't think of 
     any particular privileges that affect my ability to be peer-like.
     (I feel more *guilty* now if I'm not peer-like, but as anyone who 
     was at Storvik Novice Tourney knows, I don't let it stop me!:-)
    >...they didn't deserve to be jerked around by the establishment 
>telling them they had to perform like peers when they weren't going to 
>get the position in any case (one specific incident comes to mind).
     I don't know the case of which you speak, so I can't address it except 
     to say that you might wish to find someone with a more objective view 
     of the incident.  I'm not saying it doesn't happen, rather that it 
     seems unlikely.  
     I applaud Lord Michael's view of his path to knighthood, and would 
     that there were more such 'seekers' (And wish that in my earlier years 
     I had been more of one!).  Bravo, cousin!
     - Keilyn, OL