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An Eastern "not-a-peer"

Lord Francis writes:

> Counterexample: a few months back, on sca-east, there was somebody, a peer
> (a knight, I think), explaining that, in his opinion, X was a knight,
> though she had not been recognized by the crown and the chivalry.  He
> acknowledged her as his peer; he believed that she met the standards, and
> was worthy of the title, and the fact that no king had slapped her on the
> shoulders was irrelevant.  To me, this seems the same as the Atlantian
> view: you are what you are, and eventually the Crown may take notice.
> Personally, I prefer this attitude, since it moves the emphasis from your
> title to your self.
That's not a counter-example, that's supporting evidence.  What this 
knight has done, though, it usurp the poragatives of the Crown, by 
personally recognizing eclady as his peer.  He should go and get King 
Timothy to correct that problem, despite the objectionscof any of his 
fellow companionscof the Chivalry.

Thanks for the help,

Leifr Johansson