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Puppy Placement Cont'd

Many thanks to the kind gentles who sent letters of support regarding my 
GreatcPyrenee Puppy and my search for a home for her.  I recieved a 
letter from a gentle named Chelidon o'r Gaerddrych, mka Richard Hoffman, 
expressing interest, but sadly, the two emails I've attempted to send to 
him have both bounced.  Good sir, if you would kindly contact me at 
339-8932, or send me an email at tellerbe@osf1.gmu.edu with your phone 
number, I could get in contact with you.  As of this time, Josie has no 
place to go.  Again, many thanks to all the support I've recieved during 
this difficult time.

Yours in hope,
Genevieve du Renard
mka Genevieve Hoog