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Re: Peerage (was Earl Dafydd)

Michael scripsit:

> If someone asked me what I am doing to be a knight, I really 
> couldn't answer that.  I realized sometime ago that my path to 
> knighthood (if it occurs) was to be a long one, and all I could do 
> was that that was expected of me.  No more and certainly no less.  So, 
> I fight, attend waht events I can, try and learn what Dafydd teaches 
> me (like building ecchest in ~2.5 hrs), help the Ladies of the house, 
> and generally do that iscwhich is asked and expected. 

And a hearty bravo to that, milord!  I've been in and outcof the Society many 
times over the years, and it is that very sort of attitude that makes me want 
to stay in more than step out.  One can look past a lot of painful 
politicking, if the view includes people doing neat, wonderful things for the 
sake of doing them! 

> I do not think along theclines of "I must attend event X because the 
> King will be there" or "I must fight in tourney Y to prove what a 
> greatcfighter I am".  This is not for me.  I have grown to love the pas 
> de armes and (if I could) would try and fight in every one I could.  
> If this meant missing such traditional 'tourney circut' events as 
> Emerald Joust, so be it.  If this means never being knighted, so be it.

With such an outlook as this, I sincerely hope you *will* be one of the 
fortunate ones raised to the rank of Knight, milord.  To do a thing for the 
love of it, not for what it can bring, is a true chivalric ideal, in my 
> Will Dafydd think any less of me for this?  I think not (I hope 
> not...) For, I am doing what feels right to me, not thatcwhich I 
> think will impress (or influence) others.

A basically good person doing basically good things is often overlooked, in 
just about any era you care to take a peek at.  It can be quite sad, and 
occasionally painful, to be overlooked--but it is devoutly to be hoped that 
those being so overlooked will find the courage to continue doing good things, 
regardless of who notices, simply because That Is What Is Right.  And in the 
end, it's how one's own actionscmakes one feel inside oneself, that matters 
the most.  If I impress the whole Known World, but can't stand to look at 
myself in the mirror each morning, I'm not going to ship outcof here as a very 
happy person.  

All of which is simply to say that despite it all, the moment one actually 
gets recognized for having done something Spiff is indeed a wonderful moment--
with an added spice if one has no idea it's coming.  I think of the times I've 
seen people called up for awards or recognition or thanks when their hands are 
dripping with dishwater, or the knees of their hosen are scuffed because 
they've been working, or they've been fighting and suddenly the Royals send 
for them, or they're embroidering or cooking or whatever.  The expression of 
stunned, delighted joy is worth a very greatcdeal.  To turn momentarily away 
from doing what you already enjoy, to be thanked before the Populace--now 
_that_ is Spiff! 

May you continue to find fulfillment in what you enjoy, milord.  And I hope 
I'm there to see you knighted one of these days.
> >      Regards, 
> >      Tadhg 
> >      (in one of his serious moods...I think I need a beer)
> Same here...  Bass anyone?

I'll have one.  These seats in the corner look free--shall we?

(who also appears to be in a serious, if somewhat nostalgic, mood ....)