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Re[3]: Peerages (was Earl D)

     Hi Elaine, and the assembled Cheapies? Cheapsters?  
          >Throughout my life I have always respected people for who I 
          >learn they are as a person not who they are to others, i.e. 
          >what their title is.  As a newby I don't know, for the most 
          >part, who is or isn't a "peer".   Therefore I judge everyone 
          >I meet in the SCA by the same standards I have applied all 
          >my life.  I hope this never changes!
     Good call, and worth emulating.
          >(Is there a list <of peers> published somewhere?) 
     Yes, in theory.  It is called the Order of Precedence, and it lists 
     people and their awards.  It is sometimes listed by the highest award 
     a person has (so I would be listed as a Laurel with my other awards 
     also listed) and sometimes it is listed by awards, all the peerages, 
     then all the grants of arms, etc.  In that list, a person appears 
     multiple times under each award they have.  Within the awards, 
     precedence goes to the person who was awarded the award the longest 
     ago. It is available from the Clerk of the Precedence (for a small 
     printing fee) and is usually published every couple of years.  
     Although it has been a while since I've seen one.
          >In reference to the list, it would be usefully especially 
          >for newbies so that they can find out who in their general 
          >area could teach them an art or science in which they 
          >might be interested.
     Here you have several options.  For starters, talk to your local Arts 
     officer.  If they don't know, you or they can contact the kingdom arts 
     officer (that would be me!) and I'll rummage around.  The Pearls and 
     Laurels have variously kept lists of people that were available for 
     consulting on a variety of topics.  Many Laurels and Pearls, if the 
     art isn't in their area of expertise will know someone who knows 
     someone.  And finally, keep your eyes open at events, especially 
     University or at arts events, for people doing your art.
     Hope this helps!