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Re: The Universality of the Recognition of Peers

Dafydd greets you all,

Leifr writes:

>But let me also raise two additional points about the "We RECOGNIZE 
>peers" philosophy.  First of all, what happens when peers from another 
>kingdom Recognize a worthy candidate from Atlantia whom our peerage order 

There is a hidden assumption of homogeneity here.  The question is
written in a form that implies:
	"What happens when [a bunch of] peers from another kingdom
	recognize a worthy candidate from Atlantia whom [all/most of]
	our peerage order ignores."
Which is rather silly.  It has never happened.

More moderate forms of that question have occurred: "[a few] peers"
from another kingdom.  And they happen in the other direction also: I have
written recommendation letters to the Eastern Monarchs regarding some
gentles that I thought deserved a peerage.  Does this mean that the
standards of the East are even stricter than Atlantia's?  Of course

>Isn't it just a little embarrasing to have Eastern Laurels 
>invading an Atlantian Laurel meeting, demanding to know why someone has 
>not been made a peer?

Oh, my God, this invasion of Eastern Laurels will RUIN our reputation

Don't let your rhetoric get away from you, Leifr.  To ask if Atlantian
standards are the same as __XX__ Kingdom is perfectly valid.  But no,
it isn't particularly embarrassing.  And the last time we were
invaded by a bevy of demanding Eastern Laurels, we killed them all as
an example to any other peers who might dare to invade, and left
their heads on spikes.  Since then, they confine their forays to
raiding actions.

>Is it possible that our values in this kingdom are 
>a little out of wack with the rest of the Society.  [...]

Are you asking, or declaring?  Of course it is possible.  Is it
true?  Clearly you think so.  I have an open mind.

>Atlantia scoffing at the rest of the Society by claiming to make "Better" 

You've found us out!  In all the peerage meetings in Atlantia, our
major focus is scoffing at the rest of the Society.  I wonder who