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Re: Peerage

        Reply to:   RE>>Peerage

Leifr writes:

>Fair enough, let me define.  Non-peers are critized for taking students.  
>Ask Syr Strykar, Master Brok, or Baroness Annejka for examples.
>As for the more general point of being critized for taking on airs, I 
>quote my knight, Syr Strykar, so I'm sure you won't want to contradict >him,
>will you ;-(.

Weeell, depends on what he says, I guess. :^) If your point is that
you know of *some* nonpeers who have been "criticized" for taking
on students, well, that is likely enough true. But that is not
universally true for ALL nonpeers EVERYWHERE. And certainly not
true for ALL nonpeers in Atlantia all the time.

When I was in Black Diamond, we *HAD* no peers, and T-bone,
Otto, Frank, Adlwald, etc., were pretty much all the fight teachers 
there were (I won't even BEGIN to list the nonpeer other-than-fighting
teachers). None of them were accused of putting on airs for teaching.
I imagine there are currently similar situations in tucked away
(or notso tucked away) regions of the kingdom.

As in all things, *what* you do is never so important as *how*
you do it. If your method of forming a household and "taking 
students" is a thinly veiled way to give the rest of the society
the finger, then sure, you will be in for criticism. But I highly
doubt that all groups of like-minded nonpeers who get together
in a household to have fun, be productive, and pass around
knowledge openly and non-cliquishly are going to be in for a 
lot of flak. (Been there, done that, took no flak.)

Try to avoid the evers and nevers, Leifr, and your arguments
might prove a little more seaworthy.