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Re: Peerage

Greetings Lady Branwynn,
> Weeell, depends on what he says, I guess. :^) If your point is that
> you know of *some* nonpeers who have been "criticized" for taking
> on students, well, that is likely enough true. But that is not
> universally true for ALL nonpeers EVERYWHERE. And certainly not
> true for ALL nonpeers in Atlantia all the time.

Of course it isn't universally true.  But how often do you think it has 
to happen to discourage not only the candidate who took on the students,
but every non-peer they talk to.  The "We Recognize Peers" philosophy 
seems to suggest that everyone should try, as best they may, to emulate 
the qualities of a peer.  Won't that occassionly mean doing things, like 
taking students, which some people only regard as appropriate for peers.
Isn't willingness to teach, and take into your household students, a basic 
quality of a peer?
> When I was in Black Diamond, we *HAD* no peers, and T-bone,
> Otto, Frank, Adlwald, etc., were pretty much all the fight teachers 
> there were (I won't even BEGIN to list the nonpeer other-than-fighting
> teachers). None of them were accused of putting on airs for teaching.
> I imagine there are currently similar situations in tucked away
> (or notso tucked away) regions of the kingdom.
Boy, you must know my friend John Teller (mundane name), he was at Black 
Diamond about ten years ago and mentions most of those names.

> As in all things, *what* you do is never so important as *how*
> you do it. If your method of forming a household and "taking 
> students" is a thinly veiled way to give the rest of the society
> the finger, then sure, you will be in for criticism.

I think you just justified critising an acquaintance of mine.  He has a 
household of which he is the clear leader.  They are mostly fighters with 
a reputation in most of the eastern Knowne World.  And yes, you could say
he is flipping Atlantia the bird.  But if he can form that household, and 
do much else besides, why not make him a knight (I know, that's not a 
fair question if I won't identify him, but then, peer lust is a quality 
which works against the candidates favor, isn't it (see Thalia's post))?

> But I highly
> doubt that all groups of like-minded nonpeers who get together
> in a household to have fun, be productive, and pass around
> knowledge openly and non-cliquishly are going to be in for a 
> lot of flak. (Been there, done that, took no flak.)
But that is not the model of a peer lead household, is it Branwynn?

> Try to avoid the evers and nevers, Leifr, and your arguments
> might prove a little more seaworthy.
Oh, my arguements are fine.  I'm not speaking in absolutes, evers, and 
nevers, just antedotes (sp).

In Service, and not trying to assert more then the truth,
Leifr Johansson