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Re[2]: Peerages (was Earl D)

          As a newby I usually keep out of these discussions, but this
          time I have to throw in my two cents' worth.

          Throughout my life I have always respected people for who I
          learn they are as a person not who they are to others, i.e.
          what their title is.  As a newby I don't know, for the most
          part, who is or isn't a "peer".  (Is there a list published
          somewhere?)  Therefore I judge everyone I meet in the SCA by
          the same standards I have applied all my life.  I hope this
          never changes!

          In reference to the list, it would be usefully especially
          for newbies so that they can find out who in their general
          area could teach them an art or science in which they might
          be interested.

          Subject one closed for me, subject two, can anyone give me
          an answer on a list?

          Thank you,
          Elaine Gilbert