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Re: alchemy (was peerages)

     That's Guido alright.  He's same shyster who claimed that the power of 
lightning could make silver out of clay.  Well I've got news for you..... 
Silver's heavier, and its turns black when it tarnishes not white!

Richard of La Rochelle
Merchant Adventurer
From: owner-atlantia-l
To: gc429; atlantia-l
Subject: Re: alchemy (was peerages)
Date: Thursday, July 27, 1995 8:26AM

          I hear that Guido is hiding out in some foreign realms.  In
          fact, arguably the Quest for Guido is what got us started on
          this whole peerage thing.  But when I bought my alchemy kit
          from Guido I had some initial problems as well.  It turns
          out a piece was missing.  Perhaps your kit has the same
          problem.  So when you do catch up with Guido, I am sure he
          will be willing to set it all to rights. . . .