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Re: Peerage

  Pardon a newbie showing his ignorance here.  But I want to learn. Have been 
  folowing this
  thread I am new to the dream.  , But could someone Please tell me what a 
  "Peer" is and please to define "peerage" 

Greetings from Tibor.

Basically, within the Society, we have many different awards, and customs.
Amongst the highest awards we have, are those which carry what is called a
Patent of Arms, or Arms by Letters Patent.  Those who receive such awards
from a King and Queen, are generally known by the shorthand term Peer.

There are five (yes, five) types of Peerages.  Each member of the Peerage is
expected to show many sterling qualities, and to be cited as an example to
others.  As you have seen, however, each of us defines Role Model a slightly
different way.

The formal Peerages are as follows:
  Chivalry: this Peerage is divided (from mostly historical accidence) into
  two companion orders, Knighthood and Masters of Arms.  It is awarded for
  exemplars in our re-creations of Medieval combat, and those who display the
  principals of Chivalry: Prowess, Courtesy, and Noblesse.

  The Order of the Laurel is for those amongst us who are not merely exemplars
  in the Arts and Sciences of the period, but who serve the Society by
  teaching, sharing and improving those arts.

  The Order of the Pelican contains those whose services to the organization
  has improved and exceled the Society.

  The Order of the Rose is an order (which in some Kingdoms can carry a Patent,
  which contains those former consorts whose reign exemplified encouragement of
  Chivalry and Courtesy.  It can only be awarded to a former consort on the last
  day of their reign, by the incoming Crown.

  Finally, some Kingdoms allow the optional award of a Patent to former Crowns
  when they receive their County or Ducal scrolls.

For details, see section VII of Corpora, or ask just about anyone with an
opinion... (:-)