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FW: Seven Virtues

To: Hick Steve
From: Lance Harrop on Fri, Jul 28, 1995 9:49 AM
Subject: Seven Virtues

Seven Virtues

How is a knight in his day known
By his courage upon the field
And the prowese that he has shown
With the weapons he does wield

But this is not enough to take
Glory and fame everlasting
Theo' and cardinal virtues make
His name live all time surpassing

He must have faith in God unseen
Hope to see a better day
Show courtesy to all who've been
In fief or under his sway

Without these three a knight is cruel
His own appetites seeks to fill
Uses other men as aught but tool
And show naught but an evil will

Patience rather be his meter
Courtesy in all he has said
Ever show Strength of Character
And temperance in hungers fed

Upon these four is Chivalry based
Service to King and Lady founded
Cold unmanning fears are faced
And all vices best confounded

Be you a knight then as you ken
But if you my words would take heed
For glory to live beyond life's end
Knights all these seven virtues need