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Re: Non Fighting Event Activities

John (aka Dog) said:
> I would enjoy a cloven fruit contest ;-)
  Goodness - but don't advertise it!  You'd have militant members of
the SPMF (Society for the Prevension of the Mistreatment of Fruit)
there in mere moments.  Besides - cloven fruit dry out much to fast,
and attract bugs.  Personally I've never seen the attraction of this
seemingly (seedingly?) popular pasttime.
  However, it does remind me of cloved fruits.  While entertaining -
it would probably still be a bad idea to actually advertise thier
potential attendance.  Its much more fun if a few make thier ways
around after a feast or at the post revel... but to give people
warnings that they will be there.... Hmmmm...

              Razmus d'Obscurite [AKA: the Innocent]
               AKA: Rich Weissler [azrael@access.digex.com]
                And as for the color of my toothbrush, 
                 its none of your business.
                                    -Alli Hobbes (1995)