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infidel knights

Estrella War, my first 6 months in the SCA, I went from camp to camp
in the mornings as a medicant franciscan friar, asking to do menial
labor, bless the camp, what have you, for a crumb of breakfast.

Great icebreaker. I met lots of fun people that way. I recommend it.

One of my fondest memories of that time is when I wandered into the
camp of an islamic knight. His guards were going to turn me away when
he stopped them, quoting from the Koran about the Law concerning the
kind trreatment of beggars. He sat me down at his table with lavish
pomp. He had me given a crust of bread and some water. When I had eaten
and drunk, he had me bodily tossed out of camp. What a guy!

-Henry Best

formerly John of Lincoln, called The Heretic