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Death to the Infidels

]On Sun, 30 Jul 1995 wilsey@infodata.com wrote:

]> Are there any "Infidel" Knights?
]> Luther (wondering if this is a hornets nest he's poking) 

]Would that mean they are guilty of infidel-ity?

]Also any sca knight who is pagan or islamic by definition would be an 

]there is the Moor Saladin(sp?) who was considered the very embodiment of 
]chivalry durring the crusades but i do not think he was a "knight" in 


     Actually, I was referring to SCA personas. Are there any Islamic, 
Samurai, Vikings, Celts...

     All were considered Infidels and it wasn't a sin to kill them, in 
fact, in many cases it was considered a sin to allow them to live or even 
show them mercy.