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Re: The Code Of Chivalry

>                                    ...The religion bit I was 
> referring to was not the religion free rumor but the mandating 
> of a religion, which a belief in christ for the chivalry might
> be construed as. 

A BOD-like solution to this dilemma would be to update the Rules of
Chivalry along these lines:

     1) You should believe all that the Board of Directors teaches and
         observe all its directions.

     2) You should defend the SCA, Inc.

     3) You should respect and defend the weak.

     4) You should love the country in which you currently reside.

     5) You should not recoil before your enemy.

     6) You should make war against the SKA and other rival recreationist
        societies without cessation and without mercy. 

     7) You shouldt perform scrupulously your feudal duties,
        if they are not contrary to the laws of the BOD.

     8) You should never lie, and should remain faithful to 
        your pledged word.

There.  I removed the parts mandating religion, and, as a bonus, clean up
the archaic language that some might find cult-like.

-- Alfredo el Bufon
     I big.  I bag.  I have bug.