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Looking for...

One of our members is trying to document her first name, which also
happens to be the same first name of Kathy Scott, the
ex-Chronicler of the TI. Ms. Scott's SCA name is Lady Meraiah
of Land's End, and in my back issue of the TI, she was then
residing in Long Beach, NC.
If there is anyone in the Kingdom who knows Lady Meraiah, would
you give her this message: please either mail us (email or
snail) the documentation for "Meraiah" or call Lady Elenore
Spyrling (804-432-3006, nights). None of the books we have here
in the Shire have this spelling of this name, and we need to
know where to look.

Many thanks,

PS -- if you know Lady Meraiah and know she won't mind, you can
email me her address or phone number, and I'll contact her