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Nothing But Dance

		A Call for Teachers

Lord Bryan Morgunn is autocratting his very first event on Sept 23, in 
Isenfir. It looks like an elegant concept, nothing earth-shattering; but still 
quite good. He wants to host 4 University-style tracks relating to dance in 
the daytime, hold a feast, and then a ball where his guests can apply all 
that they have learned during the day. 

For his first time, he is doing really well: He is not charging admission; 
but merely asking for a donation. He has a proven and highly competent 
head cook, and the feast is being run at cost, $2.50 for lunch, $5 for 
dinner. He has the site until 1 AM. He has plenty of rooms for his classes, 
a great big ballroom, and a well appointed and comfortable lounge next to 
it. Admittedly, the parking situation is a little screwy; but he is working on 
a way around that.

I understand that the four tracks planned are these:
1) introductory dance
2) intermediate dance and style
3) dancemastery: researching and teaching dance
4) dance music

Imagine this event: You get to attend classes on dance and dance music, 
on any level of expertise, taught by Atlantias best. For $5, you will be 
served a lavish feast. As you please, into the night and brushing the next 
morning, you can dance with your friends in an enormous ballroom, to 
live music. It all sounds superb.

There is just one problem. Bryan is having trouble getting teachers. Im 
not really sure why that is. Maybe he has hit people up at the wrong time, 
what with Pennsic and all. I just dont know. 

But, this event will be a spectacular success or a dismal failure depending 
solely on his teachers. He only has a tiny handful. He has asked me to 
handle getting his four tracks of classes set up. Dancers, musicians, 
dancemasters: please pass the word around. Talk to your buddies at 
Pennsic about it. And please offer to come teach and/or talk someone else 
into it.

I do not plan to feel limited to the framework of those four tracks and 
neither should you. If you have a dance-related class, contact me.

I really like the clean simple concept behind this event: a tightly focused 
teaching event with a chance, that very night, to use what you have 
learned. I would like to see more of these, on a myriad of topics. They 
happen, now and again; but I would like to see them become a trend. 
Please give this one a boost.

Please print this and pass it around to the net-challenged. Thanks.

Lord Henry Best
University of Atlantia

(804) 296-7629

John Strauss
668 Bluff Ave
Waynesboro, VA 22980