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Pennsic Merchanting Idea (not really)

Unto the remaining patrons of the Merry Rose who haven't already
packed up and gotten underway to Pennsic; Greetings!

I was webwise browsing the contents of the Rialto Archive and Index
earlier, reading the section on Personal Care when an article on
period sex and birth control caught my eye (imagine that).

One of the passages mentions the use of various plants for contraception,
pennroyal and Queen Annes's Lace being two of them.  Seeds from the
Queen Anne's Lace being effective in preventing pregnancy when taken
after, er, well, let's just say, afterwards.

Now, I have about 30 acres of fields which, after lying fallow for the
last few years, are seeded with Goldenrod, Queen Anne's Lace, pennroyal,
blackberries, broomsage and not much else besides the occasional 
black locust grove.

My question, learned companions, is this: D'ya think I've got enough of
a crop for this year's Pennsic, or do you think I should lay in this
years harvest *and* next year's so that I wouldn't run out of stock?

Of course, that would mean having to hire some bodies to go about the camps
crying out "Weeds 'n Seeds!  Roll up for all your protective needs!"...

What do you think?

In (dis)Service,
Lance of Ripon, the semihumorous

P.S.  Was anyone else as mortified as I when they say the preview for
the next Medieval Summer Movie: "A Kid in King Arthurs Court"?