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FW: Lesbian and Bisexual Woman

Greeting from Konrad der ruhige Baer,

This was posted on the SCA-East list so I thought I'd forward it to the 
Merry Rose,

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Subject: Lesbian and Bisexual Woman
Date: Friday, August 04, 1995 6:54AM

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Dyan O'Choda is holding a "Ladies Tea" at Pennsic for lesbian and bisexual
woman.  The "Tea" (read it keg) will be held Monday Aug 14th at 3:30pm.
 Munchies and drinkables will be served.  Dress is casual.

This is not a meeting, there is no agenda, it ain't no official nuffin', 
an opportunity to have a few drinks, and talk to other ladies of

O'Choda encampment is on NE9.  That is the corner of St Lawrence and
Sedalia's Way.  Over by I-79.  Welcome!

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