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Blintzes and other Exotic Delights I can't Spell

Her Grace, Melisande, apologizes for the "diversion". 

O Dear Mel, the rest of us are happy, nay, privileged, to listen
in on this fascinating discussion between you three, focusing as
it does upon one of the favorite topics of all sensitive beings:
good food.

I must say, I don't know anything about the foods you guys are
discussing. Although my adopted father comes from Austrian Jews
(How many of you are wearing Levi's as you read this?), that
heritage was gone by his generation and I was not exposed to any
of it.

I've gotta say, it all sounds yummy. What do you guys say to 
doing a jewish feast sometime? I bet lots of people would be
curious to taste it. I assume that a _kosher_ feast would be
too hard to pull off in a rented kitchen; but the food could
still be _ethnic_ if not _legal_.

-Henry the Ravenously Curious