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Artists and Scribes Wanted!

Greetings everyone at the Merry Rose from Evan da Collaureo! (Also to
those of you out in Cheapside, but do you really like getting soaked?)
Lady Allasondrea diFano asked me to post this request to the list.

If you are an artist or scribe, and are going to Pennsic,

Heralds' Point Needs You!

For making scrolls, promissories, and sketches of armory, that is. If
you have any time in your busy Pennsic schedules to donate to this
worthy cause, *please* consider helping out by lending your scriptorial
and artistic talents to the Artists & Scribes Table at Heralds Point.

Please let all your non-Merry Rose friends know about this too.

To help out, just find Lady Allasondrea at Pennsic Heralds Point and
say those four dangerous words, "I'd like to help." She will thank you

Evan (wishing all Pennsic pilgrims safe journeys there & back)