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Re: Pointless War III or the Atlantia/east Inter-Kingdom Gat

Greetings, all.
>>Site Fees:
                                Three Days     Two Days        Day Trip
>>Advance reservation Site Fee    $18.00         $13.00         $8.00 
>>At-the-door Site Fee            $20.00         $15.00         $10.00
>>Children under 12 are half price.
>the fee seems a bit steep for a feast-less event...  
I have to agree with Melys on that one...steep for feastless AND primitive.
By the way, does anyone know how water is to be provided to the campers? Do 
we need to haul that in ourselves? Also, is the children's price break for 
birth to 12--or was the normal 0-6 age group merely overlooked?
Personally, I'm not headed for any event that charges me $9 for the 
privilege of camping with my one-year-old son.