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Authorization Cards

Greetings to the patrons of the Merry Rose and those lurking at Cheapside 
from Konrad der ruhige Baer.

For those fighters who are getting ready to attend Pennsic and just noted 
that their authorization card has expired,  Lady Isbella is at Pennsic 
already.  You may contact her after you arrive and get your new card.  Lady 
Isbella is camping with Clan O'Choda which has moved from their traditional 
spot (SE5) down the road three blocks to NW9.  The camp is at the 
intersection of St. Lawrence and Sadalia's Way (2 blocks towards the parking 
area from Atlantia Royal/Bedford/Moose Lodge camp).

FYI:  When I talked to Lady Isbella this morning she said that according to 
Troll, attendance is running about 20% ahead of last year at this time.