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Re: req:pennsic pop data

To Xavier, from Ianthe, fair greetings.

    Your figure for Pennsic VI is a bit low.  Trivia about VI has
    stuck in my mind for obvious reasons.  I believe that the
    attendance was closer to 650, with the armies of the two sides
    being around 140 fighters (give or take 8) each.

    Pennsic V was cancelled and then
    reinstated at least once between June and August, that kept
    confusion high and attendance low.  V was the last war held on
    "unimproved" land.  Camping was very rough with no running
    water.  That also kept attendance down.

    -Ianthe d'Averoigne             kim.salazar@em.doe.gov


           1          150
           2          300
           3          350
           4          ???
           5          ???    <-- Around 430
           6          500    <--correction:  Around 650.
           7          700
           8         1200
           9         ????    <--A guess:  Around 1500
          10         1938
          11         2542

(rest of list omitted to save space)