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Balls, sealing wax, gum arabic

Hello all!

A friend has asked me to ask the following and I hope some one of you could
grace me with an answer or two.

1) Other than bladders, how were balls made in period?

(No off-color jokes, please!  This is serious.  Very very serious.  ;)  My
friend is the chatelaine for children's affairs here in Caer Mear and is
trying to make a toy for the kids.

2) How was sealing wax made?

3) Other than Frontier Co-operative Herbs, is there a source for *food
quality* gum arabic and does this source sell quantities of less than one pound?

Answers can be posted to the List or sent to me privately.  E-mail me if you
want a summary of answers.

Thank you very much, all!!

        - Anarra Karlsdottir, virtual carrier pidgeon