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Re: Crown Tourney

> Lady Rhiannon asked about the next Crown Tourney.  My understanding is that 
> it will be held the weekend of November 4 at Huntington Castle in Myrtle 
> Beach, SC.  Hopefully the next Acorn will have details on the exact location 
> and accommodations.

As a former resident of that area (and having spent many days at the 
state park in my youth), the Huntington Castle is part of Huntington 
Beach State Park and is SOUTH of Myrtle Beach by a good 20 miles.  I 
would put it halfway between Myrtle Beach and Georgetown with the 
nearest "towns" being Litchfield or Murrell's Inlet.   A nearby point 
of interest is Brookgreen Gardens which is on the other side of the 
highway from the state park (if it is still a state park).

I hope this helps!  

-- Manus MacDhai
    Kappellenberg/Windmasters' Hill


-- P. Scott Dean
   Administrative Computing Services
   Box 7902
   North Carolina State University
   Raleigh, NC  27695