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Re: Crown Tourney

Unto the Merry Rose does Lady Anne Elizabeth send greetings,

Lord Conrad writes:

>>>Lady Rhiannon asked about the next Crown Tourney.  My understanding is
it will be held the weekend of November 4 at Huntington Castle in Myrtle 
Beach, SC.  Hopefully the next Acorn will have details on the exact location 
and accommodations.<<<

The September Acorn *does* have the flyer provided by the Autocrats for Crown
Tourney...However, they wanted me to use their flyer as sent so I cut and
pasted it.  For some reason they decided to use a ***very*** stylized font.
 It is *extremely* difficult to read.  I will attempt to get a more readable
copy from them for the October Acorn.  

The main points in the flyer are as follows:

Crown Tournament
St. Michaels Keep
4-5 November 95

Site:  Atalanta? at Huntington Beach State Park between Myrtle Beach and
Georgetown, SC.  Site opens at 2:00 pm on Friday and the Troll will be manned
till 10:00 pm  (I don't know why they are closing the troll at 10:00 ... Call
the Autocrat)  It will reopen at 8:00 am on Saturday.  

Each campsite has electricity and water. and accommodates 2 tents. (of
course...I don't know if that is pavillion size tents or dome tents or what)

Saturday Activities:  Rapier Tourney, IKAC (and maybe IKCAC) archery tourney,
and Crown Tourney.  Bardic Circle, and Merchants fair.  Scroll competition
(contact Leonardo del Martini {stuart Kirton} at P.O. Box 172?? Murrells
Intlet SC 295760-172??  (no phone number given))

2 remove feast--"Cream of Potato & Leek Soup, Roasted Chicon, Saffron Rice,
Beef Shish KaBobs (sic) and a variety of side dishes.  Those with dietary
concerns and/or food allergies amy request additional information with their
paid reservation. This site is discretely wet"

Fees:  both On-Board/On site:  $16.00?
          either On-Board or On site:  $11.00?
           daytrippers:  $5.00
$3 nonmember surcharge

"Paid reservation may be sent to our Reservationist Kathryn de Parrera?
Carrera? (mka Kathy Beck) PoBox 172? Murrells Inlet SC 29576-0172?.  If you
have questions about other lodging or require additonal infor you may cla

As I said.. the flyer is very unreadable and I have as yet to recieve an
event registration form.... sigh....

Anne Elizabeth