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archery suppliers list

	The current update of the Archery Suppliers List is complete.  It 
contains over 180 suppliers of traditional archery equipment.  It lists: 
Suppliers of arrows finished and raw shafts. Billets and staves for 
construction of your own bow. Finished bows. Books and videos on 
equipment construction.  A list of SCA bowyers and fletchers.  And a list 
of supliers of materials for the construction of horn and sinew bows. 
	If you would like a copy please email me with, Suppliers list as 
the subject.  
	If you have any information regarding archery that you feel would 
be of interest to other archers in the Society, email it to me  and I 
will send it out to the list. 
	If any of you will be at Pennsic, I would like to know how the 
archery events went.  If you would like to do a write up on them I will 
also repost it on the list, if you wish. 
Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf, Keeper of the IKAC and IKCAC
John R. Edgerton
Newark, Calif
Esfenn, Mists, West