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Teutonic Knights


        I am seeking information on the Teutonic Order. I have found some 
general information, but i am having difficulty finding specific info on 
their codes of conduct and lifestyle. i am putting together an alternate 
persona as a member of the Teutonic order, and would  like to know what is 
involved in doing it properly. i am tentatively placing myself aroung 1390. 
i am to be a german noble who joins the Teutonic order and goes on the 
prussian/lithuanian crusade. 

        please cite any sources you are using so that i may go get the books 
you quote. you are welcome to comment on what you think, but please cite 
sources if you have them. primary sources are best, but i would welcome any 
secondary sources you could find as well. 

thank you in advance

Sean Sorrentino
Angus of Hamildone,
Wilhelm der Kline