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Re: Teutonic Knights

I didn't know how or what Sean Sorrentino, AKA, Angus of Hamildone, 
Wilhelm der Kline was looking for so here goes:

General Info:

     The Teutonic Knights were a charitable order of Knighthood, looking 
after pilgrims and the running a hospital for wounded German Knights 
outside the city of Arce around 1190-1, during the siege by Richard the 
Lionheart. They were officially recognized, as an Order, by Pope Innocent 
III, in 1199. In 1211 they moved from Palestine to Eastern Europe, where 
they campaigned against pagan peoples, notably the Prussians, whom they 
had conquered by the end of the 13th century. They Colonized Prussia and 
established their headquarters at Marienburg in 1309 (I have a great photo 
of the Marienburg Castle) . They Also gained control over much of the 
Eastern Baltic region, as well as parts of Germany. During the 15th 
century they were repeatedly defeated by the Poles, of whose king the 
order's grand master became a vassal. At the Reformation the order was 
dissolved except for one branch, which survived in Germany until its 
abolition by Napoleon in 1809.

     The German poet Tannhauser was a member of the Order of Teutonic 

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Hope that helps,

Luther the Viking Librarian