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Re: Heraldry Submission Costs?

> Unto all heralds and other informed persons not attending Pennsic -
> (Why do I always have questions when the Kingdom's out of town?)
> How much does Atlantia Charge for a name and device submission?
> Is it $8 for each?
> Thank you!!
>         - Anarra the pinch herald


It is $8 per element and an element is a name or device or badge or household 
name, etc.  I believe that if you submit your name and device at the 
same time, you get a $1 discount (i.e. the pair for $15).  I don't 
know how this might be applied beyond two elements or if it might be 
applied to registering multiple badges or similar things.  I do know 
you are currently limited to having a total of 4 name elements and 4 
graphical elements (devices or badges) registered.

Hope this helps!

-- Manus MacDhai
    herald for Canton of Kappellenberg
    Barony of Windmasters' Hill

-- P. Scott Dean
   Administrative Computing Services
   Box 7902
   North Carolina State University
   Raleigh, NC  27695