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Roxboro letter

To those, most likely only in Sacred Stone, who recieve a
letter from Paulette Jeffress in Roxboro, disregard that
letter. If any of you have questions or suggestions, please
contact me, as I will be Paulette's main contact for the
As for the rest of you, who are probably not knowing what's
going on, a high school in Roxboro wants research suggestions
and materials for their school-wide study of the Middle Ages.
If anyone has any material they would donate to the school (fer
keeps, mind you), let me know. Suggestions, also. What the deal
is, is that each department in the school needs ideas on how to
relate what they're being taught to what actually happened back
You can send replies to me at eurbanik@leo.vsla.edu
or leave a message on the machine (probably the best way of
getting to me -- I check it as soon as I get home). My number
is in the Acorn.

In service,
Elenore Spyrling
Shire of Drachentor