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What do those titles mean?

>Greetings unto Anarra Pinch-herald >OUCH!< from Evan da Collaureo,
>Chief Octopus, who while Triton is at Pennsic is busily looting the
>office of its nonexistent monetary reserve.

I am reliably informed by those persons in my office who know anything about
baseball that the person who runs in place of a batter is a 'pinch runner.' 
So what else would you call a PE-at-large when the branch herald is at
Pennsic??  ;)

You must be the Triton Pinch Herald.  Can we make that a regular title
during August??

>Evan (whose actual title is Kraken Herald -- the kraken is
>a squid-like heraldic monster)

My housemate LOVES calamari...

Ok, I got my roster in the mail the other day.  Can you inform this woefully
ignorent ex-Westie, ex-An Tirian, what all the titles mean?

Triton is principal herald in the Kingdom - the equivalent to Vesper and
Black Lion.

Sea Urchin is the clerk of the precedence (at least I assume so.  I know
Allisoun is CofP and it said Allisoun was Sea Urchin)

What does Kraken do?  Golden Dolphin?  Pearl?  The rest of them?

Why is there a Herald-at-large?  On the West Coast the only Heralds hold
Kingom or Principality offices.  Please educate as to interkingdom anthropology.

Thank you!!

        - Anarra

(There - now you are School Herald - as in school of fish.  glub.)