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RE: Heralds' titles

In response to the request for clarification of heraldic titles used in
Atlantia (Lady Anarra, I believe?):

Sometimes the title is associated with an office, such as the Triton
Principal Herald or Kraken Herald (Triton's deputy).

Those who have achieved the rank of Herald (with a capital 'H', as opposed
to a Pursuivant, PE or Coronet) may choose a title for themselves to use
regardless of any post they may hold.  For example, Mistress Jaelle holds
the title of Argent Snail (a reference to her arms).

Atlantia also maintains on her roster a list of "at-large' heralds of
various ranks.  These are people who do not currently hold a locality or
Kingdom-level heraldic office, but may have held one in the past.  My lady
was the second Triton Herald of Atlantia, and I have been local herald for
three different Baronies;  both of us are listed as Herald at-larage and
Pursuivant at-large, respectively.