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RE: Heralds' titles

Phillip of Ghent writes concerning heraldic titles, in response to
Anarra. Anarra, I sent you a private letter concerning this, before
I realized you'd sent your inquiry to the Merry Rose; as I no longer
have a copy of what I sent, would you kindly post it? Thanks.

To clear up some very minor confusion.... The title of Kraken Herald,
like most of the Trition staff titles, does not carry any specific
office with it. The only ones which do are Triton (The Boss), Nereid
(The Boss's Heir Apparent) and Golden Dolphin (External Submissions).
The latter two are vacant, applications are being accepted.

I'm acting as deputy in a very general sense; as "pinch-Triton" I
don't do anything save in an absolute dire emergency. Which is
perfectly fine by me....

Wednesday night Herald Practice will resume after Pennsic, place
TBA; contact Herveus at (301) 464-8375, or Jaelle at (202) 737-4609,
for more information.

Evan, Nominal Chief Octopus