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Re: Post-Pennsic Revel

Elaine MacIntosh wrote:

> Will someone be so kind as to post the flier for this weekend's Revel in 
> Storvik?  The Acorn missed me in both July and August (next year I'm 
> ordering first class) and Il Tempo doesn't seem to know where it is.

The Storvik Post Pennsic Dessert Revel will be held this Saturday, August 26
at St. Andrews Episcopal Church in College Park. From the Beltway, I-495, take
exit 25/Route 1 south into Collee Park. College Avenue is just past the broad
lawn of the University of Maryland which will be on your right. Turn left
onto College Ave, and in about 1.5 blocks, you'll come upon the church on
your left. Park in the church lots. The address is 4512 College Ave.

The revel begins at 5pm and last until 11pm. Those on site after 11 will be
considered cleanup volunteers. Dancing will be the order of the day, and
prizes will be given for the best bardic tale or No S***, There I Was story
from the War (it doesn't have to be this War, but it helps). Both children
and adult storytellers are sought. There is no childcare at the site.

Troll fee is $7 per adult, $4 per child 5-12 years old, under 5 are guests
of the Barony. If you bring a dessert that serves 6 or more, take a dollar
off the entry fee.

On behalf of the Barony of Storvik, I hope to see lots of you there.

> thinking of subscribing to Drekkar,

A one year subscription costs $8. Send check to:

	Cindy Stanford
	7402 Sweetbriar Dr.
	College Park, MD 20740

Make the check out to the Barony of Storvik/SCA, Inc.

In service,

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