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Rialto Denizen Seeking Atlantian?

Greetings, gentle friends at the Merry Rose!

	How are you all, this lovely day?  Now that the weather has broken 
post-Pennsic (of course ....), and the northern reaches of fair Atlantia, long 
may she prosper, I think I'm gradually recovering from PPWS (post-pennsic 
withdrawal syndrome)!  Many thanks to the gracious folks who sent me 
directions; they were concise and helpful, and we made record time!

	On the Rialto this morning, the following message was found.  Does 
anyone know anything about the class referred to below, or know the gentle who 
taught said class, and could help this nice lady?


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kira@eskimo.com (Kira Gray) writes:

>Can anyone help me find a copy of this late period culinary source?
>I've looked all over and no one I've asked (including anyone at the
>University of Washington Library) has even *heard* of it.  Please, please,
>please! Gotta have it!
>Cristoforo di Messisbugo's "Banchetti, Compositioni di Vivande et
>Apparecchio Generale" (1549)

I had the fortune to take a class at pennsic that was centered around 
this very work.  The teacher was Master Basilicus Phocas (from 
Atlantia?), who has at least translated some of the recipes.  Perhaps 
someone here can give you contact information for him.  
Jean Louis de Chambertin

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