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Help Rendering Help

While I was on vacation, someone inquired about the Thursday practices at Lady
Ayisha's home in Storvik.  I tried to respond, but have been having problems
with the mail server here at work, and thus I don't know if any of my messages
have gone out, or if that gentle received my response.

If the answer is no, then here are the address and directions:

5308 Colorado Ave N.W. Washington, D.C. 

Best route: Take 16th street N.W. to Colorado Ave N.W. (Carter Baron
Amphitheater/Tennis Courts are at this intersection.)  

>From Downtown (south) turn right onto Colorado Ave.  When you get to a large
green, black, brown, and yellow house at the corner of Ingraham and Colorado,
5308 will be directly across the street on your left. 

>From Maryland (North) Turl Left onto Colorado and follow directions above. 

5308 Colorado Ave is a large grey house with a stone archway on the porch. use
the side entrance to get to the practice.

Here's sort of the layout....

<----downtown D.C. ---------------------------16th
                 | Kennedy Street
                                         \Colorado Ave         5308            
                                                           | Ingraham Street   

Practice starts around 5:30 and goes on till the last person goes home (We've
had some people stay till 3:00 am.

hope this is of help.


Boroghul Kharan/Grey the Succinct.