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Emperor's Choice in Azurmont

The Emperor's Choice
Canton of Azurmont in the Barony of Black Diamond

The Emperor sends his greetings to his minions throughout Atlantia! He is
heartened to hear that so many warriors will flock to his cause in Azurmont.
Many of his retainers have asked how and with what to fight for him at this
event. His pronouncements are as follows:

No bows over a 35 lb pull will be permitted.
All 4 Atlantian approved combat arrows will be permitted along with new
designs approved by William the Stout at Coronation.
All arrow shafts must be taped with strapping tape.
Beanbags or hackysack can be used as shurken.

Armor must conform to combat archer standards and include pads for the joints
and all skin must be covered.

Shinai must be in sound condition, with no broken or sharp edges.
No thrusting to be allowed.
Homemade shinai can be used
The Emperor recommends the following method:
Use PVC for the core of the sword which is constructed to the dimension of a
Please use hot/cold CPVC 4120H TEMP 100PS 180F-690 F if you can find it.
Although this PVC may be "whimpy" it resists fracture more effectively. Wrap
it with strapping tape in order to avoid sharp edges if it were to break,
Coat the blade area with pipe insulation, and overlap the tip by 1/2 inch.
Then cover it with duct tape. Cut out a tsuba with pickle barrel plastic, and
there you have a sword for less than $5.00.


All fighters must be calibrated before entering the field. All of the body is
a target.
No gleaning of arrows during a battle. No shooting arrows at anyone within 10
feet; archers are encouraged to carry a side arm. No striking at a prone
Obey the Emperor's agents (the marshals) for their word is law. Treachery is

The A&S competition is screen painting. Fabric screens on wooden frames will
be provided along with some paints and brushes.

The lowly insignificant servant, the autocarat, has changed his phone number
to escape the wraith of the Emperor. After Sept. 1, Edwin Bilgewater can be
reached at (540)380-3005 to further confuse the matters.