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Neil E. Dicom Express


Well, well, well I hope this is a secure address; please in your following
correspondance explain to me i) were do you get this mail from and ii) does
anybody else read it.   ( If your not Neil this is not for you, so can you
kindly call Neil over, thanx)
I  leave for Florida on Monday :-) , do you think I look goofy in mouse ears?
 Gerard called me today from Calgary, since you missed him in August he will
be back for Christmas, will you?
Ivan got a job at the the Sports Authority, Ian & Zona are on vacation for a
week they are going to Bellville.
Not much else that's  new, Oh yeah by the way give Ed Kenyon a call :-(
Hope your having fun; well not to much fun, it will fall off if you do!  And
it is pretty expensive to replace it Huh!

Here's one for  you!


The other day I saw this man go into a tatoo parlor and want a tatoo
of a HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL tatoo'ed on his penis. The parlor owner said
that he could tatoo anything he wanted anywhere he wanted it! So the
man got the tatoo on his penis and while the parlor owner was doing it, he
asked the man why he wanted a HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL tatoo'ed on his penis.
"Well", the man answered, "There is several reasons. Number 1, I like to
play with my money!". Well, the parlor owner said he could understand
that. Then the man said, "The second reason is I LIKE to see my money
grow!". The parlor owner said he could understand that too! Then the
man said, "For the third and most important reason, the next time my
wife wants to go out and blow a hundred bucks, SHE CAN STAY HOME!"