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At Coronation, this weekend, Lady Johanna and I will be running
the Hobby Horse Palio mentioned in the event announcement.
There will be Fun, Nonsense, & the Chance to Make a Fast Buck,
all in equal measure.
So, don't forget: when you pack for Coronation, include your
horse and bring your SCA coinage.
It is my understanding that Lady Aileen will be setting up a
fair, with streets. If that works out, then we will run the
Palio through the city streets, like God intended they be run.
We will make book on the races, natch. For that matter, we may
make book on other contests as well. And there will be a
Good and Substantial Purse for the winner of the final heat.
We will have racing horses available, sturdy of limb and of
stout disposition. You may rent these mounts for a nominal
fee of two silver. 
(I am bringing my champion racing burro, Beaucephalus, and 
might be persuaded to rent him out, if he likes you and I 
like the color of your gold. Beaucephalus raced with 
distinction at the very first palio in Ponte Alto. He might
have won at Caer Mear's palio last December, were it not
for that unfortunate business with the smuggled firearm.
Frankly, I shouldn't even rent him. It's practically
selling you the race. But, you know, I have to pay his upkeep
and times are hard.)
I want to reassure you concerning the nasty rumors of itinerant
horse thieves in the vicinity of the site. Ever proactive, we
will be providing safe stabling with armed security. We know
you only want the best for your prize steeds and we have
spared no expense. The cost is passed along to you with only
the tiniest of markup.
Oh yeah: we will also hold races for the adults.
-Henry Best
P.S.   You _don't_ want to know how I managed spaces without
a space key.