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IKAC scores 9/10 LONG

	The standings in the Period division of the Interkingdom Archery 
Competition as of Aug. 22 are:  1)  CAID- 184.6.  Thomas Blackkeep- 
10%-209, Paganus Grimlove-(no bonus*)-191, Robert Watford-(no 
bonus*)-154.  2) ATLANTIA-162.3.  Ld. Robert the Forgotten(15%)- 136, 
Bruno Jager(5%)- 126,  Viscount Karl Helweg(5%)- 99.  3)  
TRIMARIS-152.3.  Michael of Tweedale(15%)- 206, Michael of Alwington(5%)- 
158, Sasa Lyttel of Derby Dale(5%)- 93.  4) ANSTEORRA- 140. Don Sebastian 
Frobshire (5%)- 208,  Dillon of Dillon(15%)- 153, Lady Aelfric of 
Auburn(5%)- 59.  5) CALONTIR-132.  Feanghus OShannon(10%)-161, Hugh 
Prescott(15%)- 147, Alaric Graeme(10%)- 88.  5) OUTLANDS-132.  Ld. 
Peregrine Elric of Courtenay (10%)- 218, Ld. Conchobhar OLoingseachair 
(10%)- 103,  Ld. Duncan OShea(10%)- 75.  6) MIDDLE-128.  Eirik 
Gralokkr(5%)- 158, Duncan of Dusinanz(10%)- 121, Moira Nic Connell(5%)- 
105.  (*) = Bonus declined.
	In the OPEN division  the standings are:  1) MIDDLE- 267.  
Arinwald Rotstein- 276, Master Grant Graeme de Mentieith- 274, Ian 
Gourdon of Glen Awe- 251,  2) WEST- 261.  Andrus Truemark- 264, Michael 
of Worcester- 263, Bard Francis Goodfellow- 256.  3) ATLANTIA-253.3.  
Reynaud of Lockmere- 295, Roark of Hydra Hall- 253, Ld. Aelfgar Greyseas- 
212.  4) ANTIR- 250.  Ld. Julian Edward Farnsworth- 275, Jamie of 
Blackrose- 244, Robert of Wolf Fork- 232.  5) CALONTIR- 238*.  Kitsu no 
Taro- 253, Lorell- 233, Leif of Crescent Moon- 228.  6) CAID- 226.6.  
Rock of Wintermist- 239, Paganus Grimlove- 234, Robert Lanternsmith- 
207.  7) OUTLANDS- 210.  Ld Yanthlos the Quiet- 233, Sir Mark von 
Falkensfenn- 217, Ld. Peregrine Elric of Courteney- 180. 8) ANSTEORRA- 
194.6*.   Don Sebastian Frobishire- 212, Roger Bagley- 209, Txxhian of 
Pegasus- 163.    9) MERIDIES-173.  Sir Merwyyd- 211, Fergus OSiadhail- 
125, Eckhart- 183.  10) (tie) DRACHENWALD- 110.  Bernwarth von der Huep- 
131, Dan Totzloff- 111, Sionn Dair Peregrine-88.  10) (tie) TRIMARIS- 
110.  Juan Diego- 142, Sir Erica Bjornsdottir- 120, Lassair Bantiarna 
Slaine- 68.  *  The scores for Calontir and Ansteorra are a correction 
from those of 8/22.
	The current standings in the Crossbow division are:  1) 
MIDDLE-234.6.  Jean Paul Pierrepont- 272, Cionaod Red Spurs- 241, Fritz 
Bare- 191.  2) EAST- 258.6.  Ld. Ailean Mac an Daroch (20%)- 361,  Dain 
Ferris(10%)- 220,  William Cavendish(10%)- 195.  3) CAID- 173.6.  Pananus 
Grimlove- 236,  Rock of Wintermist- 199, Tuvor Sabledrake- 86.  ATLANTIA- 
165.5.  Ld. Robert the Forgotten- 205, Ld. Marion Lang-Boogschutter-183, 
Bruno Jager- 108.  
	The current standings in the Interkingdom Combat Archery 
Competition are:  1) ANSTEORRA-214.3.  Stefan von Drachenfels-242, Roger 
Bagley- 223, Gilbert Ost Westley-179.  2) CAID- 207.6. Paganus Grimlove- 
245, Rock of Wintermist- 204, Robert Lanternsmith- 174.  3) MERIDIES- 
191.  Ld. Robert do Pergraine- 231, Ld. Kendorf LOterel- 203, Jimmy 
Greene- 140.  4) ATLANTIA- 118.  Ld. Robert the Forgotten- 132, Bruno 
Jager-111, Ld. Marion Lang Boogschotter-111.  5) TRIMARIS- 74.3.  ??????? 
Colbert- 78,  ???taan Joe Bochaleh- 73, Michael of Alwington- 72. 
	Please remember that to shoot in the Period division you must, at 
least, be using self nocked arrows, no plastic nocks.  And be sure that 
the score sheet indicates what bonus class you are shooting.  I have also 
received score sheets that have not included the division being shot.  
Please make sure that the score sheet includes ALL the required 
information or the scores may not be counted.
	For a copy of the rules contact your kingdom archery officer or 
send a 32 cent SASE for the IKAC rules.  For the IKCAC or both sets send 
a 52 cent SASE to the Keeper of the IKAC and IKCAC, Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf:  
John R. Edgerton, 7662 Wells Ave., Newark, CA 94560-3530. (510) 791-9070. 
Copies also avaible by email. sirjon@netcom.com.  

By Master Iolo 
A review by Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf
	If you are interested in crossbows in particular or in archery, I 
recommend RIoloUs First Book of Crossbows" by Master Iolo of Ansteorra.  
This recently completed work is an excellent general source of 
information on crossbows or  buying a period style crossbow.   It has 
good advice on improving the performance of the crossbow you now have or 
increasing your own skill in shooting.  
	The first part covers the component parts of the crossbow  and 
how they work.  It explains the variations among the same parts. 
	Next is a section on the development of the crossbow, from Roman 
times to the bullet bows  which were popular until the early 1800Us. 
	The next two chapters cover differences in the appearance of the 
crossbow by region and date.  This is useful for anyone wishing to match 
a crossbow to their persona.  
	The section on RGetting what you wantS provides helpful 
information on deciding what type of crossbow you should get based on 
your needs: target, combat or display. 
	The following sections cover setting up and tuning your bow and 
bolts to get maximum accuracy and provides advice on shooting technique.
	The chapter RWhen things go wrongS explains the mechanical 
problems that can arise with a crossbow, how to determine the problem and 
how to correct it. 
	The book is put together well and nicely printed.  Its fifty 
pages are full of informative diagrams and illustrations, several per 
page.  It is definitely a worthwhile addition to any archerUs library.
	The author, David Watson, better known in the SCA as Master Iolo, 
is proprietor of New World Arbalest and craftsman of fine medieval and 
renaissance crossbows.
	You may order the book from: David R. Watson, 201 W. Crestland 
Dr., Austin TX 78752.  (512) 453-2628.  Cost is $8.00 plus $2.00 shipping 
and handing.