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Noble Lords and Ladies of northern Atlantia!!!

On Sunday morning October 1, there will be held a demo tourney sponsored by
the Olde Mill District of the Boy Scouts of America from 10 am until noon.
 This tourney is in conjunction with a Boy Scout Camporee which has a
medieval theme.  Many gentles of the Shire of Roxbury Mill will be at this
camporee on Saturday entertaining and challenging ten score or more of boy
scouts with diverse gentle games, skills, and tests.  If you are unable to
attend the nearby festivities in Ponte Alto, please consider coming by on
Saturday as well.

The tournament will emphasize courtesy, pageantry, and general spiffitude.
 The noble judged to be most worthy will be awarded a gorget wrought by
Master Eldrid Tremayne (AKA Eagle Scout Tom Justus).

The site is the Franciscan Friary in Clarksville.  Take Route 108 towards
Howard County.  Turn left at Sheppard Lane.  Turn right at Homewood Road.
 Turn left at Folly Quarter Road.  The friary is on the right.  This is a Boy
Scout event and is not an official event of the SCA or any of its wholly
owned subsidiaries.  The Boy Scouts have not leased any of the friary's
facilities.  There will be porta-potties.

If you think you can attend our tourney, or if you or anyone you know (please
pass this notice about) desires further information, please contact me
(Gyrth) here or at 301-942-4802.

-- Duke Gyrth    aka    Gerald O'Leary, Cubmaster Pack 763