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address change

greetings, good gentles!

i, like baron terafan, have been cast adrift in the stormy seas of the 
ever-changing internet.  my affiliation with cybernetx is coming to a 
much-desired end, and consequently my email address is changing.  the 
account melys@cybernetx.net will reach me for one week (i've got it 
forwarded here), after which it will softly and silently vanish away...

my new email is lisa@storm.oit.unc.edu (it's nice having friends who have 
friends who are sysadmins).  i'm hoping it lasts at least as long as the 
last one did...  i just wish i'd known about this before i sent out the 
flier for champions.  *grimace*

in hopes that this message finds all well and happy, i remain,


angharad melys, free scholar
sacred stone / windmaster's hill, atlantia