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Re: Other Kingdoms' Lists?

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Subject: Other Kingdoms' Lists?

Good even to you all, gentle cousins!

	A much-travelled friend of mine here at work (yes, I know I oughtn't 
be here this late, but there you are .... ) who has lived in Calontir, 
Ansteorra, and the Midrealm besides here, is interested in obtaining 
information about how to subscribe to the Ansteorra Kingdom list.  If any of 
you should happen to know where a master list of List Subscriptions can be 
gotten, or if anyone knows the address for the keeper of the Ansteorra list, 
would you be so kind as to send said information to: Mari Elspeth nic Bryan, 
aka Kat O'Brien, at:


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I don't have a copy of said list, but as I recall, the (weekly?) IKAC scores 
messages had a whole slew of kingdom-sounding e-mail addresses. Sorry, though, 
I've already read & deleted my copy of it. Hope this helps.

Reinhard von Stettin,
Knight Marshal of the College of Yarnvid,
Squire to His Grace, the Duke Sir Bertrand de Flammepoing