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A hypothetical $3

This is actually a request for guidance, not trying to stir the pot on 
the "Temporary" non-member fee.  Flames will be gracefully ignored.

To begin with, let's pretend that I'm the autocrat for an event, and that
is why I am interested in finding out what guidance can be found here.
For this event, the site costs our group nothing, so I charge NO SITE FEE.
We have a feast, of course, and charge those who eat enough to cover the
cost of the preparations.
Now, as I read the BOD rulings on the matter, since there is no site fee,
the should be no non-member charge.  I am not even trying to circumvent
the fee by asking for 'donations'....any and all are free to come and
spend the day, partake in the event, camp, et-cetera free of charge.
I have been told that "Those in power (I could name, but I shall decline)"
insist that if there is money taken in at an event, then the non-member
charge is due the kingdom.  Even in my most convoluted logic, I fail to 
see how that applies here.
I can see how the statement of monies due would try to be a way of preventing
circumvention of the wording of the BOD ruling.  (A ruling, which, IMHO stinks)
Yet, even with my stated leanings on the ruling, I don't think that it applies
to this event.  Am I wrong?