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Re: Lost: Web Site of Pennsic Pictures

That's my page and they are still there. If anyone has any others they 
would like to add let me know. Have Scanner, will travel.
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Subject: Lost: Web Site of Pennsic Pictures
Author:  Otelio Sye Randall II 6438 <randallt@SKYCELL.COM> at Internet
Date:    9/22/95 11:23 PM


<sigh> My hard drive suffered a mild case of the blahs...I've lost the site 
where the Pennsic photographs (some taken by Ysabeau Madeleine de Gascogne) are.
 If the photographs are still on the web, could someone provide me with the URL? 

File Recoveringly Yours,

Boroghul Kharan/Grey the Succinct
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