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Re: e-mail genius needed

On Mon, 18 Sep 1995 CORVUS2@aol.com wrote:

> Gentle cousins,
> I have a question regarding my e-mail that perhaps someone here can answer.
> I am suddenly receiving a lot of e-mail messages as text files which must be
> downloaded and then read in WordPerfect.  Why is this?  Normally, I merely
> pull up my e-mail reader and read everything there, but lately I'm having to
> transfer in and out of AOL and WordPerfect quite a bit.
> Can anyone clear this up for me?
> Rhiannon
I think what is happening is that people are uploading a mail packet to 
you. This is to save time and money online.  By downloading it all at one 
time, you simply read it at your conveinence, and you don't have to pay 
for the online time reading it.  You can use the printout to get the 
addresses so you know where to send a reply.  You will have to write a 
message to everyone who you are replying to as if it is a new message.  I 
have no idea how to tell you to upload a packet (I am still learning 
myself and haven't used AOL in ages).

I hope this helps.  It is offered to people to save them money, not make 
their life a pain!

Aonghus Mac a' Chleirich