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Re[2]: Need Terafan's email address!

     Greetings from Windmaster's Hill,
     Actually, the network outages last week have caused some major 
     disruptions. Mail is bouncing all over the place. Just try again. Be 
     patient or use the phone :-)
     Deoca of Elvegast
     (I try to keep the computer geek talk to a minimum, but sometimes I 
     can't help myself!)

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Subject: Re: Need Terafan's email address!
Author:  Brian Flynn <bkflynn@email.unc.edu> at env.duke.edu
Date:    9/19/95 1:02 AM

On Thu, 14 Sep 1995, Cheryl L. Martin wrote:
> This is Lady Nia from Ayo's account and I desperately 
> need Baron Terafan's e-mail address.  My mail has gone 
> bouncy-bouncy-bouncy!
FYI for everyone.  Last week, there were two seperate network outages in 
the central NC area, with the result being that most of W/M Hill and 
parts of S. Stone were cut off from the rest of the world.  It's unlikely 
this would have caused mail to bounce, but give it a try again.